Founded by Tracy Wilson Mourning in 2002, the Honey Shine Mentoring Program’s mission is to develop and nurture the mind, body, and soul of young women, by providing experiences that enlighten and create balance in their lives.

Each year, Honey Shine, a program of The Mourning Family Foundation, holds bi-monthly workshops, fieldtrips, and a four week summer camp.

Statistics show that children, including teenagers, with positive role models in their lives tend to make better choices. Important to the success of the Honey Shine Mentoring Program are the mentors who provide guidance to our young girls, warmly referred to as Honey Bugs. Mentors share their personal experiences and help guide our Honey Bugs to a healthy and happy future.

The “Aspire to Shine” workshops offered to the girls in the program, who are affectionately called ‘Honey Bugs’, address life-skill lessons and educational experiences that involve: health, nutrition, sex, and drug education; career mapping and education.

Workshops are held at a variety of South Florida attractions outside of the girls’ own communities; to help them in the development of personal goals, self-respect and self-esteem; financial literacy; journaling, self-exploration and expression.

Each workshop demonstrates the commonality that exists between all of us. The opportunity to give back is the primary motivation for our mentors, although more often than not, they receive more through the relationships they develop with our Honey Bugs.

Expressive journaling is used as a tool for our Honey Bugs to capture their feelings and share their experiences. Journaling encourages each girl to document important moments in their development, which will later serve as memories of their milestones and accomplishments through the Honey Shine Mentoring Program.

Honey Shine provides a platform for young girls to develop their own voice as women. Our program encourages Honey Bugs to breakthrough stereotypes and helps them visualize their place in society as strong leaders. Our unique forum allows us to discuss leading women issues and learn from the challenges that many great women before us have faced.

The Honey Shine Mentoring Program offers bi-weekly workshops which focus on education as the key to personal growth. Our workshops teach real-life skills that prepare our young girls to transition into adulthood with grace and confidence.

Workshop topics include:

• Health, nutrition, sex and drug education

• Education and career mapping

• Visits to South Florida attractions taking them outside of their own community

• Development of personal goals, self-respect and self-esteem

• Financial literacy

• Journaling, self-exploration and expression

Camp Honey Shine allows us to continue our programming beyond our workshop. Our day camp is open to all girls enrolled in the program and enables us to futher enrich the lives our Honey Bugs with experiences and activities that continue to broaden their horizons. Our girls participate in a variety of activities that include dance, arts and crafts, swimming, reading, yoga and meditation, educational fieldtrips, and so much more. For more information, please visit honeyshine.org

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