1.    What are your primary funded programs?

Mourning Family Foundation proudly supports Honey Shine and the Overtown Youth Center (OYC).

2.    How does MFF engage with OYC and Honey Shine?

Mourning Family Foundation engages with OYC and Honey Shine by providing staff and financial support while working to build on operations, and creating sustainable programs which will lead to producing positive contributing citizens in the South Florida community.

3.    What are the requirements to be admitted into either of these programs?

For program consideration at Overtown Youth Center, Students are referred by their 1st grade teacher of school counselor from our service schools that recognize that intervention is needed. Interested parents from the community may also inquire and subsequently enroll their children into the program if selected.

Service Schools:

Paul Dunbar Elementary
Phyllis Wheatley Elementary
Frederick Douglas Elementary
Theodore and Thelma Gibson Charter School
Downtown Miami Charter
Jose de Diego Middle School
Booker T Washington High

If you are interested in applying for admission into Overtown Youth Center, please call 305-349-1204 or visit http://overtownyouth.org/contact/.

Honey Shine accepts all interested young ladies between the ages of 8-18 that reside within South Florida.

If you are interested in applying for admission into Honey Shine, please call 305-854-2444 or visit http://www.honeyshine.org

4.    Are there any costs associated with the programs?

There is no cost associated with our programs.

5.    How can I get involved with MFF?

Mourning Family Foundation would cease to function without your help. We are a 501 © 3 organization that serves as the fundraising entity for both Honey Shine and the Overtown Youth Center.

The best way to support MFF and our programs is through donations (big or small) to assist us with our continual growth.

Volunteers are always welcome! Please email info@mourningfamilyfoundation.org to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

6.    How can I get involved with OYC?

To become involved with the Overtown Youth Center, please contact Community Relations Coordinator at 305-349-1204 or tk@overtownyouth.org. You may also fax your volunteer application to 305-349-1214.

We happily accept donations- of time as a volunteer or any resources that may be beneficial to the center and its needs.

7.    How can I get involved with Honey Shine?

When you choose to become a part of our organization, you will be working with us to empower young girls to shine as women.

A.    Become a member and sponsor a young girl in the program to attend our bi-weekly workshops and Camp Honey Shine. Please visit honeyshine.org for additional information on membership.

B.    Volunteers are also an essential to the success of our program. We seek individuals and companies that are passionate about the development and personal growth of our Honey Bugs. The donation of your time and resources allow us to continue the important work of training our young girls to shine as women. All volunteers for the Honey Shine Mentoring Program are required to attend one orientation. At the orientation, volunteers will learn about the policies and procedures of the program as well as hear about other opportunities to become more involved with Honey Shine. If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering please call 305-854-2444 or email info@honeyshine.org.

8.    How involved are Alonzo & Tracy?

Alonzo and Tracy are the founders of the Mourning Family Foundation, OYC and Honey Shine and have dedicated millions of dollars and services to the South Florida community. They are committed to servicing the organizations and dedicated to assuring that our organizational goals are accomplished.

9. How do OYC and Honey Shine work together?

OYC and Honey Shine collaborate to provide innovative program activities for the youth it serves. While OYC provides year round services to both boys and girls; Honey Shine provides an extra layer of support and mentoring for young girls to aspire to shine as women.

10. What happened to Zo’s Summer Groove?

While Alonzo and Tracy effectively executed this highly successful fundraiser, the Mourning’s have decided to focus their attention on creating a sustainable fundraising plan which directly supports the programs for OYC and HS. While ZSG rose awareness of the Mourning’s the philanthropic efforts, other charitable activities will come on line to allow the community to re-engage.

11. Where can I donate to MFF, OYC, and HS?

MFF directly funds OYC and HS programs

Donations are accepted by check or online through our PayPal account. Please address any donation checks to MFF to:

Mourning Family Foundation
100 S Biscayne Blvd, 3rd Floor
Miami FL 33131


12. Does MFF work outside of South Florida?

No, presently our efforts are concentrated within South Florida.

13. How can I book Alonzo and/or Tracy to come to my event?

For serious booking inquiries for Alonzo and/or Tracy, please email info@mourningfamilyfoundation.org  at least 6 months prior to the event with a full overview, including but not limited to date, time, location, purpose, and budget. All requests will be reviewed within 2 weeks or less.

14. Is it possible to partner with MFF for an event?

Mourning Family Foundation only partners with programs and initiatives that share our vision of supporting youth development programs that aim to produce positive, contributing citizens. Please email info@mourningfamilyfoundation.org at least 6 months prior to the event with a full overview, including but not limited to date, time, location, purpose, and budget. All requests will be reviewed within 3-5 business days or less.

15. Why was there a name change?

The name change reflects the Mourning’s creation of a family legacy in philanthropy and its sustainability for generations to come.

16. Are you currently hiring?

No. Currently, we do not have any open positions at this time. Thank you for your interest of employment with Mourning Family Foundation.

17. How much have you raised in total to support children in Miami-Dade County?

We are proud to have risen over $10 Million since 1997 to support youth development and literacy within economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in South Florida.