What are your primary funded programs?

The Mourning Family Foundation proudly promote philanthropy by driving funding for the MFF Educational Scholarship Fund, The MFF Anti-Poverty Initiative, and we will soon launch a Capital Campaign to raise funds and awareness around our work in Liberty City.
We also support our affiliate charities The Overtown Youth Center (OYC) and Honey Shine.

Are there any costs associated with the programs?

There is no cost associated with our programs.

How can I get involved with MFF?

The Mourning Family Foundation deeply values the commitment of our community partners and donors. The gift of your time, talent and treasure is truly appreciated. At this time, the best way to support MFF and our programs is through donations that will assist us as we continue to expand our impact on youth from marginalized communities. Visit our DONATE page, or you’re your cell phone and text EDUCATION to 27722!

Volunteers are always welcome! Please email info@mourningfamilyfoundation.org to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

What are the requirements to be admitted into the OYC or Honey Shine programs?

If you are interested in applying for admission to Overtown Youth Center, please call 305-349-1204 or visit http://overtownyouth.org/contact.
Those seeking an application for Honey Shine, can contact the organization at 305-854-2444 or visit http://www.honeyshine.org.

How can I get involved with Honey Shine?

Visit www.honeyshine.org to learn more about working with our delightful “Honey Bugs” in the Honey Shine Program.

How can I get involved with Overtown Youth Center?

Please visit http://overtownyouth.org/contact to learn more about how to get involved with the amazing youth at the Overtown Youth Center.

What is Zo’s Winter Groove?

Zo’s Winter Groove (ZWG) is the social event of Miami winters. ZWG is a weekend long fundraiser that features the Zo’s Youth Summit, Zo’s Health & Wellness Groove, Zo’s Comedy Groove, and the Zo’s Hall of Fame Golf Groove. Celebrity guests, athletes, and Miami’s who’s who join Alonzo and Tracy for a weekend of groovin’ with a purpose. Proceeds from the ZWG weekend go to support the Mourning Family Foundation’s programs and charities.

How can I donate to MFF and its programs and charities?

Donations are accepted by check or online through our Donation portal. Please address any donation checks to MFF to:
Mourning Family Foundation
100 S Biscayne Blvd, 3rd Floor
Miami FL 33131

You can donate by texting EDUCATION to 27722 to donate or visit mourningfamilyfoundation.org/donate.

How can I book Alonzo and/or Tracy to come to my event?

For booking inquiries for Alonzo and/or Tracy, please email info@mourningfamilyfoundation.org at least 6 months prior to the event with a full overview, including but not limited to date, time, location, purpose, and budget

Is it possible to partner with MFF for an event?

Mourning Family Foundation partners with programs and initiatives that share our vision of supporting youth development programs that aim to produce positive, contributing citizens. Please email Jessica Myers, Events and Marketing Director at jmyers@mourningfamilyfoundation.org at least 6 months prior to the event with a full overview, including but not limited to date, time, location, purpose, and budget.

How much have you raised in total to support children in Miami-Dade County?

We are proud to have risen over $25 million since 1997 to support youth development and literacy within economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in South Florida.