The Mourning Family Foundation Educational Scholarship Fund was launched with the idea that no child who is seeking academic excellence and higher education, should be denied the opportunity to do so because of a lack of financial resources. When a child has a fire for knowledge, that fire must be cultivated, nurtured and stoked continuously—we cannot afford to have these lights go dim. It is especially important that the fire inside of children from marginalized communities of color is not snuffed out simply because of their zip code. It has been said that education is STILL the great equalizer, and while there are many systemic challenges that face our youth—getting a quality education should be a hurdle they clear with ease.

In June of 2016, we kicked off our first MFF Educational Scholarship Fund initiative! With the help of our wonderful partners and donors, we will identify graduating high school seniors throughout South Florida who qualify for the award. Award Recipients will receive a 4-year scholarship to assist with academic expenses, as they pursue an undergraduate degree at an institution of higher learning.

To learn more about how you can support The MFF Educational Scholarship Fund, please contact the Mourning Family Foundation at 305.476.0095 or