Alonzo Mourning hires Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce’s Bill Diggs

Bill Diggs, who helped the Miami Marlins with minority and small business hiring, is taking the reins of The Mourning Foundation and exiting as head of the Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce.

Diggs, who was president and CEO of the organization for eight years, made the announcement on Facebook Friday afternoon.

Diggs, who most recently endorsed South Beach ACE in its successful winning bid to overhaul the Miami Beach Convention Center, said it was a tough decision.

“Many of you know that some twenty five years ago, myself and some strong men created a mentoring program called the 100 Black Men of South Florida,” he explained. “Out of that organization I created a life long friendship and business relationship with Alonzo and Tracy Mourning. I have now decided to deepen that relationship and take over as the President of The Mourning Family Foundation.”

The foundation is involved in various philanthropic activities and has expanded its reach to include affordable housing development.

“Together we plan to grow and build our love for our kids through sustainable, well thought out, next-generation mentoring and tutoring programs that will touch the lives of millions of children,” Diggs went on to say. “So I am not going to work another day in my life. From this point on I am mission driven!”


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